Oregon Torrefaction, LLC (OTL) is an Oregon Benefit Company formed to develop and serve a market for biomass that supports forest restoration activities. Our mission is to advance forest health and rural, forest-rich community vitality. As a Benefit Corporation, Oregon Torrefaction seeks to create a material, positive impact on society and the environment. To do this, OTL will develop a sustained commercial-scale torrefaction facility to demonstrate production that achieves the cost, quality and product volumes needed to allow the torrefied biomass market to develop fully. Our first facility will be located at the Malheur Lumber mill in John Day, Grant County, Oregon.

We are focusing on the use of forest restoration residuals, which while this can be a difficult and expensive raw material -- achieves our mission and that of our partners. In addition to the facility in Oregon, OTL may participate in the development of additional facilities throughout North America to help grow the market. We will focus our efforts on forest restoration-based projects and recognize that for a reliable, large volume market to emerge, multiple fuel sources and manufacturing facilities will be necessary. Our model is one that is distributed and sized appropriately to support the ecological restoration needs in that area, enhance local forest products manufacturing and restoration infrastructure and achieve economic sustainability.